Law Firm SEO Guide

Why Your Firm’s Website Needs Location Pages

In previous posts I’ve talked about some of the ways Google’s search results have changed from the early days of SEO. I’ve also discussed why Google Maps results are some of the most important results you can target. But Google Maps does present a problem. Namely this: absent any other ranking signal, it’s always going…

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Video: The Key to Scoring Paying Legal Clients in 2018?

If your firm isn’t getting enough clients, then 2018 is the year to embrace video. It’s a technique few lawyers take advantage of, mostly because it requires the attorney’s active involvement. If you’re like many attorneys your preference would be to never have to think about your marketing again, and if you do have to…

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What to Look for When Hiring a Law Firm Marketing Company

Are you tired of working with an online marketing company that doesn’t understand the legal market? Most marketing companies don’t understand the strategies and concepts that work for law firms. In some industries, this unfamiliarity is unimportant, but not for legal services. This is an industry that requires marketers to have insider information and extensive…

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