6 Tips for Creating Great Legal Marketing Videos

As a SEO consultant dedicated to helping law firms reach their full potential, I overcome objections all day long. I don’t mean when I’m trying to win a new client myself, though objections happen there, too. I mean when I’m trying to convince lawyers to do things that would be good for their marketing presence,…

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Voice Search and Your Law Firm

“Ok, Google, find a divorce lawyer near me.” Your prospective clients are changing the way they search. While they may not stand in the middle of the coffee shop looking for a lawyer out loud, they may still be among the 46% of potential clients who use voice search on the daily. Or one of…

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4 Reasons to Choose a Legal Marketing Specialist

There are thousands of digital marketing agencies, SEO consultants and web designers out there. And since ideally you’ll be busy working on cases, you’ll need to partner with one of them if you’re going to grow your firm. Only a handful of us specialize in serving lawyers and only lawyers. Most agencies take anyone, from…

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AdWords Extensions: Helping Your Firm Grow in 2018

AdWords are already a great investment. Statistics show your law firm will receive, on average, $2 back for every $1 spent on the platform, so long as your ads are managed appropriately. And now, thanks to recent changes, AdWords is poised to become even more useful. AdWords Extensions is a new program which will offer…

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Content is Still King. Here’s Why.

After reading about the way AdWords and local SEO dominate search engine results pages you may be unsure why you need to continue filling your website with fresh, unique, relevant content. Content is, after all, a weapon usually associated with the battle to win organic search results. But there are quite a few excellent reasons to…

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Why Hiring a Web Designer Isn’t the Answer to Your Law Firm’s Marketing Needs

You now know that lead generation services are poised to cost you a great deal of time and money. And you know the prices set by huge marketing firms are driven, in part, by their own overhead. In your quest to find a good, affordable, and solid solution for marketing your law firm, you might…

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Case Study: How Much Can You Save?

I’ve told you there’s money to be saved working with a small marketing consultant like me, especially one dedicated to law firms like yours. But hard numbers are important. So here is a small case study. One of my clients came to me with a budget of $23,000 a month. He was spending $20,000 per…

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Why Your Firm’s Website Needs Location Pages

In previous posts I’ve talked about some of the ways Google’s search results have changed from the early days of SEO. I’ve also discussed why Google Maps results are some of the most important results you can target. But Google Maps does present a problem. Namely this: absent any other ranking signal, it’s always going…

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Why Your 2018 Goal Should be to Double Your Google Reviews

What if I were to tell you that you can do one thing for your law firm this year that could easily triple the number of cases you take in? What if I were to tell you that this method of marketing your business is in fact absolutely free, requiring nothing but a bit of…

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3 Things Your Web Content Needs to Accomplish for Your Law Firm

Adding content to your website is one of the best ways to market your law firm, though it doesn’t serve the same purposes it used to. Once upon a time, the primary goal of web content was to get your website to the coveted Google organic top spots. And for certain long-tail search terms and…

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Tom LaScola

Founder and President of LegalRise.

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