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If you're tired of spending over $20,000 a month on legal lead generation services and feel like you're just throwing money down the drain with that big generic digital marketing firm, turn to LegalRise. Small. Personalized. And ready to serve the unique needs of lawyers just like you.

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Law Firm Marketing

Today, the majority of people find law firms online. What’s just as important is digital information isn’t only the most frequented source of legal referrals, but also the initial place people turn when looking for an attorney. Your legal practice needs to capture the attention of potential clients online. To do that, you need a strong digital presence and a capable law firm marketing company in your corner.


SEO For Law Firms

Local and organic SEO gets you right in front of your customers as they search for legal help. These targeted campaigns assure most of your search traffic comes from people who live and work in the city where you practice law.


PPC Management

Paid search results show up before any other search results. Competition for legal keywords can be fierce. Partner with a dedicated professional who can help you make the most of your ad spends.


Content Management

Fill your website with informative content and engaging videos which will boost your web presence, grow your credibility, and inspire clients to call you instead of one of your competitors.


Law Firm Website Design

Redesign or launch the site that will help clients find you and hire you. At LegalRise we know what makes a site work for lawyers. Each site is mobile-friendly, easy-to-navigate and ready to help you grow your firm.

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    3 Things Clients Look for On Your Google My Business Listing

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    3 Things Clients Look for On Your Website

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    Why You Have to Pay Attention to Paid Search Results

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    The 1 Offline Outlet Your Firm Must Pursue

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    The Top 3 Ways Your Marketing Firm Wastes Your Money

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    Why Lead Gen Websites Will Never Produce the Results You Want



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Tom LaScola


I have provided effective legal marketing for law firms for over 10 years. I pride myself in my work and it shows.  I work on a no-contract basis for clients and many have remained with me for the duration of my career. Most importantly - I love what I do.

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